2 thoughts on “Legal Advice on Divorce from Matrimonial Law Experts

  1. Hi Sir/Madam,

    My wife left me without informing me last year in Aug 2019. I had several times called her back and had met quite a few times outside. I had tried convincing her a lot of times to come back home and discuss the matter and sort us out. She was sometimes willing to come back and but at times she denied coming back. We even had physical relationships post she left me in Aug 2019. In March 2020, We had visited her place and to convince her but her Father & uncles misbehaved with us and started brawling on us. My wife complained at a police station last week and the police had investigated the complete matter and understood that she wanted her belongings back as to close this complaint. Later Police have asked us to attend a counseling session next week. As per the complaint, her main motto is to get her belongings back which she left at my place. Can I ask her to file a mutual divorce petition in the court and tell her that I will handover the belongings in the court on the first hearing? Pls, advice and provide me your suggestions.

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