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1. What is Matrimonial Advocates and how does it work?

Matrimonial Advocates is an online platform for matrimonial issues faced by the changing Indian society and development of matrimonial jurisprudence. We are providing a niche platform for knowledge sharing, researching and finding an Advocate for a person who is facing litigation. We understand that due to lack of understanding and knowledge of matrimonial laws and procedures of family courts, many people enter into unnecessary litigation and waste their hard earned money. It is most opportune time in the Indian Society that an online platform, dedicated to matrimonial issues, which may be pre-litigation, during litigation and post-litigation, are discussed online, without divulging the identity of the person.

2. How Matrimonial Advocates accept payment?

Currently all services on are free of charge.

3. Is there any process of reimbursement of money if I am not satisfied with the answer?

Fee and its related matters are between a client and an advocate.

4. What is the fee structure of an experienced lawyer if I appoint him/her in my case through Matrimonial Advocates ?

Fee is discussed between a client and an Advocate and it depends up the merits of the case.

5. Will Matrimonial Advocates help me in hiring lawyer ?

We provide you with the best advocates but you have to choose the one who suits best as per your requirements.

6. Can I get your services as per my time schedule?

When you place a request for a call back from an Advocate, you may request call back as per your schedule. However, it is upto an Advocate’s discretion and comfort to call you at suggested time.

7. Can I search lawyers in Matrimonial Advocates by Location?

Yes, you can search Advocates by location by using the left console at

8. What are the working timings of Matrimonial Advocates?

Being an online platform, it works 24x7x365. However, if you would like to call us, please call us between 10 am to 6 pm on Monday to Saturday.

9. Does Matrimonial Advocates provide services like a lawyer.

No, Matrimonial Advocates is a platform where advocates and litigants can meet each other.

10. Do I have to pay for second query?

Currently, there is no payment for asking a query or seeking a talk request from an advocate.

11. How I will get legal assistance from Matrimonial Advocates?

You have to register yourself on and either you can post your query online or directly talk to a lawyer. You can also search for similar query from other users using the searchbox.

12. How can I find if my question was answered?

We will notify you by Email and SMS whenever your question receives an answer.