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Domestic Violence and Maintenance against husband and In-Laws

I filed a Domestic Violence case against my husband and In-law. The court ordered for maintenance but meanwhile the case is pending my husband expired. Will i get any relief including maintenance from my In-Laws?

Asked By : Shivani

Answers (1)

yes can claim maintenance from her in laws under Hindu adoption and maintenance act under relevant provisions of law.

Answers (2)

If you and your husband lives in a joint family than you can claim maintenance from your in laws after the death of your husband in your case or you can claim share in the property of your husband on behalf of your husband.

Answers (3)

Yes can claim maintenance from her in law in law under Hindu adoption and 125 cr.p.c and also claim Monterey relief from in law

Answers (4)

For getting a relief from Father in law a separate application under section 19 of the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance act 1956 need to be filed by the wife if Hindu.

Answers (5)

yes,you can claim maintenance from your in laws (father in law /mother in law) under relevant provisions of law.

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