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Counter Transfer petition by wife

Wife filed FIR U/S 323, 377, 498a, 406. Current stage is charges framed u/s 323, 498a and 406. Now wife file transfer petition in HC to transfer from Gurgaon to chandigarh on the grounds of 6 months baby, danger of life. Can i stop transfer n what are chances of transfer. How much time will this process consume. And cost of advocate in HC.

Asked By : Sumit

Answers (1)

Dear Sumit, In such a scenario, where the baby is 6 months old, chances are that the High Court will transfer the case, until you can have a more sympathetic ground like health of your parents or any other disability due to job. Feel free to consult a chandigarh HC lawyer with complete details so that you can fight this transfer. Your Legal Friend, Arun

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