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We are a Law Firm with ONLY focus on issues arising out of matrimonial relationships. We help our clients through their difficult and sensitive  period when they are going through legal issues, which traditionally has been swept under the carpet. We Provide legal assistance in representing our client through their reconciliation, separation, guardianship, maintenance and alimony proceedings. Our deft approach in handling maters is ...

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"To help couples overcome their difference in the most dignified way possible"

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We provide legal consultancy and assistance to our clients after understanding their needs. We provide transparent services where justice is the end goal. We help our clients go through this traumatic experience with empathy and expert legal advice. We practice in District courts, Family courts, High Court and Supreme Court of India. We provide reliable strategy and effective execution Every relationship between a husband and wife is different from another, we tailor make our solutions based on our client’s needs. We approach the practice of family law with unmatched drive, energy and focus to deliver the highest possible quality work and outcome for our clients. Our interests are aligned with our clients and our mission is to bring back the peace of mind. We can help you with your divorce through the entire process and help you achieve the best possible outcome.


Share in Father’s Property
13 Sep

If we talk about being financially secured or being financially depended on father, brother, or husband the women has face a lot of difficulties to reach to a level of secured Financial Independence they do face hardships in to gain that fi...

Laws Every Woman Should Know
13 Sep

As a woman in India, the exposure to law is limited. These are the top 5 laws which every Indian woman should be aware of      a) Equal Renumeration Act, 1976 When we talk about “equal renumeration act, 1976”. The very f...

Joint Ownership of Property between Husband and Wife
23 Aug

The concept of joint ownership of property between husband and wife has been popularized by the idea of Tax savings and saving on Stamp Duty. However, there are many implications, both financial as well as legal when spouses go for it, espe...


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How Indian Courts Define A Married Woman’s Rightful Place
Momita was visiting her grandmother at 7 pm on 13 January 2018 when Alamin Miah dropped by and asked her to step outside. Then, he threw acid on her ...
Lockdown effect: Amid job loss, pay cuts comes demand for waiver, reduction in alimony
As job losses and salary cuts across sectors became rampant during the four months of the lockdown imposed in the city due to the Covid-19 ...