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Matrimonial Advocates is an online platform for matrimonial issues faced by the changing Indian society and development of matrimonial jurisprudence. We are providing a niche platform for knowledge sharing, researching and finding an Advocate for a person who is facing litigation. We understand that due to lack of understanding and knowledge of matrimonial laws and procedures of family courts, many people enter into unnecessary litigation and waste their hard earned money. It is most opportune time in the Indian Society that an online platform, dedicated to matrimonial issues, which may be pre-litigation, during litigation and post-litigation, are discussed online, without divulging the identity of the person. We also want to make the task of hiring a Matrimonial Advocate easier as unlike the civil or criminal litigation, the jurisdiction of matrimonial litigation can go beyond the petitioner/respondents place of residence. Litigants are often faced with an uphill task of finding a lawyer in far off location, which may not always provide desired results due to distance and unfamiliarity of the place.